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Q-Shield™ Technologies Inc. is dedicated to providing first-class support for our customers and partners.

For any technical questions please contact email us at:support@qshieldtech.com


  FAQ's (frequently asked questions)
The most frequently asked questions about our product can be found below. If this doesn't answer a particular problem or need further technical assistance please call.

How does the Q-Shield™ technology work?
Heat shields are applied to various parts of an engine including the complete air intake system (both hot and cold sides), turbo, compressor, manifold, and intercoolers. This reduces the temperatures inside the engine compartment, improving engine efficiency.

What are the components of the Q-Shield™ thermal insulators?
There are 3 layers. Layer 1 is the outside. It is aluminized space-age material. Layer 2 is the middle. It is specialized, thick insulation. Layer 3 is the inside. It is superior, heat-resistant material. Stainless steel or textile mesh is applied on the bottom of the shields for certain engine components such as the turbocharger and manifold.

What temperature is the Q-Shield™ kit rated to withstand?
For typical truck and tractor applications, the Q-Shield™ technology can withstand up to 1000°F. We have Q-Shield™ kits for other applications, such as locomotives and GenSets, that are rated in excess of 2,000 and 3,000°F.

Does Q-Shield™ technology work with gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines?
Yes. We support all types of combustion engines, whether in a moving industrial vehicle, generator, or marine engine.

Can Q-Shield™ technology be applied to any type of vehicle?
Yes, Q-Shield™ technology can be applied to any type of engine regardless of engine manufacturer.

Are there any engines that don’t experience a benefit from the Q-Shield™ technology?
There isn’t an internal combustion engine that will not benefit from the Q-Shield™ technology.

Will a company technician come on-site to install the Q-Shield™ Technology?
Yes, depending on the number of vehicles involved.

Can I install the Q-Shield™ kit myself?
It is possible under the supervision and/or direction of the company.

Is the Q-Shield™ technology available globally?
Yes, Q-Shield™ technology can be obtained worldwide and is currently in use in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

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