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The challenges of today’s world economy is forcing industries and governments to meet the multiple objectives of improving performance and reducing operating costs all
within the context of protecting the environment.

Q Shield™ Technology has achieved these objectives with respect to internal combustion engines used in off road equipment, on road trucks, busses, generators, military equipment and marine engines.

Q-Shield™ technology addresses four of the most important pressing problems facing internal combustion engines: heat control, increasing the effectiveness of exhaust filters , reducing toxic emissions and managing noise output.

Q-Shield™ technology is a method using thermal shields to insulate key engine parts. These thermal insulators can cover a variety of components that reduces the emanation of heat or protects them from excess heat to deliver a thermal result meeting the customer’s needs. Each solution is customized for the particular engine and vehicle configuration. Specific technical measurements are made and a specific design is created for each engine type and application.


Q Shield™ thermal insulators are applied to the engine parts by specially trained company or customer technicians either at the factory or in the field. These insulators can be easily removed and reapplied as maintenance operations dictate.

Q-Shield Technologies, Inc. has proven experience and results having applied its technology to numerous engine types across a variety of applications.

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