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The Q-Shield™ range of thermal insulation products are available to resolve heat challenges facing today’s modern industry offering temperature protection up to 3000oF.

Proven solutions for OEMs and consumers: We provide dynamic and innovative solutions to the automotive, marine and power generation industries.

High Temperature control and reduction: Q-Shield™ thermal insulators consist of a proprietary multi-layer composite of materials ranging from .375” in thickness and larger depending on application. These insulators are custom designed for specific heat control applications. Product lifespan of the Q-Shield™ insulators is extensive and is highly resistant to long term heat exposure. The thermal insulators are easy to install and remove as required in the factory or in the field. Due to easy removability and reinstallation any component on which the thermal insulator is installed can be quickly replaced and put back into service. This feature allows new components requiring insulation to be replaced without having to purchase new thermal insulators.

Engine Compartment Shielding
Roof/Ceiling Shielding
Turbo Shielding
Muffler Shielding
Doghouse Shielding
Exhaust Manifold Shielding
Shields for SCR
Locomotive Exhaust Systems


Application to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF): Application to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF): By maintaining air temperature in the engine compartment near ambient levels and thereby increasing combustion, Q-Shield™ technology increases the heat of the air temperature which goes into the DPF thereby reducing clogging. This allows the DPF to operate more effectively and reduces the amount of regenerations. Customer tests have demonstrated as much as a 66% reduction in regenerations.

Exhaust systems: Q-Shield™ thermal insulators are applied to the exhaust system to reduce external piping surface temperatures and increase safety of vehicle operation.

Cramped Engine Compartments: Vehicles face numerous problems with the excessive heat in a cramped engine compartment. Q-Shield™ technology provides a solution in a number of areas from the protection of sensitive engine components to the reduction of engine and vehicle maintenance, along with increased comfort of the cab and overall safety of the vehicle.

Engine surface temperature control: Q-Shield™ technology allows for the surface temperature of the exhaust manifold and other key heat producing components to be below regulatory levels. The composition of the shields are specifically designed to manage marine conditions. .

  Power Generation
Engine & exhaust heat control: For standing generators in a variety of applications Q-Shield™ technology will insulate the key components to provide appropriate levels of heat protection. Unique solutions are available for both indoor and outdoor uses.

  Industrial Plants
Various heat generating problems arise in industrial facilities: Various heat generating problems arise in industrial facilities: Q-Shield™ technology has a variety of solutions to address the complex nature of these situations.


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